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Healing Paintings and Healing Cards

The Healing Paintings and Healing Cards are imbued with an extra-sensory dimension that fosters physical well-being and nurtures spiritual awareness or spiritual awakening. In addition to their visual radiance, they irradiate an energy of peace, love and harmony into their environment. They are also encoded with Reiki and other spiritual healing symbols.

The Healing Paintings, like the Light Structures, transform the place where they are displayed into a sacred space and diffuse a healing and beneficial energy for those present. They have their place in medical and therapy consulting-rooms, as well as in meeting rooms, offices and homes.

The Healing Cards are small Healing Paintings. You may use them as a talisman, place them on your bedside table or your desk, carry them with you or take them on your travels, in order to receive their beneficial vibrations every time you need them.

You may also use the Healing Paintings and Healing Cards for the Extra-Sensory Art Healing Practice described in the Extra-Sensory Art page or to receive a Free Healing Session. This treatment can be applied to any problem affecting your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies, from a feeling of fatigue or stress, a small conflict or doubt,  to a chronic illness, a depression or a deep emotional wound.

The Healing Paintings and Healing Cards have been spread to the four corners of the world, weaving a network of peace and love throughout the planet. Since year 2000, hundreds of Healing Cards have been sent to more than twenty countries.